If you can’t, or choose not to, eat certain foods it can sometimes be hard to enjoy eating out, or even finding things to enjoy cooking at home.  The response from a lot of people catering for a dietary requirement is often just leave out the relevant food.  But if you leave a key ingredient out of a meal, the result will not be very satisfactory.  I’ve had enough “Sunday roasts” that have simply been plates of vegetables with the meat left off to know that the “leave out” approach to dealing with dietary requirements leaves something to be desired.

But eating should be enjoyed and catering for dietary requirements can be an adventure in kitchen experimentation and a chance to try new things, not something to shy away from.

This blog is a simple collection of dairy free and vegetarian recipes, thoughts and musings.  The recipes on this website areAbout Picture not all vegan, a number of them contain egg, although if you are looking for vegan options there are plenty here (and the rest can be easily adapted with a little kitchen trickery).

This website isn’t an attempt to educate or covert anyone to a dairy free, vegetarian lifestyle.  It is simply intended to inspire those who don’t eat meat and dairy (or those catering for such a diet) and an attempt to bring a little fun into cooking yummy, dairy free, vegetarian meals.  


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